Finally it has become obvious that there’s no one to talk to. It is a result of situation that I drove myself into as I prefer being in quiet to going about constant interactions.

It is only fair to lose audience when I had not generated interesting experiences. However, my mind began making up imaginary listeners after a long while. I thought of a Website that will listen to this mind and also is real.

This is the site where I write, display photos or videos that I generate when my small mind catches a scene that it cannot describe with words alone. 

I welcome others to join to talk their inspirations and lives in the form of “Comments” to my daily posts. The one rule I would like to set on the “Comments” is that we don’t classify or judge other’s or our own comments once they’re published. The only thing we will do about the comments is to “read”, “see” and “watch” them, then go to our own worlds and generate more experiences and come back to talk alone. 

I appreciate that we can talk even if it is for ourselves, and do not resort to be silent.


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