Invest 1.44 hours each day

After working hard to raise a family and having acquired a wrong habit of just sitting around whenever there are no housekeeping chores, it’s easy to lose self esteem that held me up despite the societal disrespect that I sensed gradually had increased. Husband also has worked hard, and played an important role in raising a family; however, he was able to spend enough time in developing expertise with minimal chores.

Lost time is time lost, but now is the time to re-strategize. If women live longer than men on average, the advantage lies ahead in the future. According to the World Bank data, in 2017, women’s life expectancy in the U.S. was 81.42 years and men’s was 76.52.

Instead of living longer all at once at the end, live longer here and now. When 6.02 percent longer life span is applied to a 24 hour day, it is 1.44 hours. 1.44 hours that are open for something totally new. New! Find something that will restore the pride, or something that will even live longer than women, and do that with this 1.44 hours everyday!

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