Taking Down The Old Chain

After running for 20 years, the motor is not that strong any more.  The old chain would not move on the track.  All it does is to hum a little bit every time the motor is engaged.

So what do we do now?

Bring down the old chain along with the motor because they say chain costs only a little, and replacing it ensures that the new motor apparatus will fit to its chain that comes with it.

Old chain resting on a ladder
Old chain sags a little.

Detached from the motor casing, the old chain sags a little, one end resting on a ladder; it seems to be looking toward the familiar afternoon sun beaming through the window.

On Friday, when the new motor with its new chain is installed, the old chain would not be in this spot seeing the sunlight from the same angle.

Instead of putting the old chain in a dark box right away, will let it choose a new spot at leisure and stay there a bit longer, yes, that will be only fair. 

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