Spotting Dignity

It was supposed to be easy to spot the things that were going through their last stages. However, for the last two months, it was as if such things did not exist. March snow storms cut down big trees and power was gone for a long time.

Trees downed by storm
Keep dignity

We filled our days with fueling our generator and the Internet. After that, was a planned trip that turned my attention to “Must see” list of the city. The old town was being tested by getting a new coat of paint and hiring locals and stocking the shelves of souvenir stores from top to bottom. Downtown was getting dressed with cutting edge devices in order to stay abreast with other west coast cities and to attract businesses.

For the last two months, things did not show the inevitable endings easily. The news is that inventing new things and conserving old things do not prevent endings but help things end in dignity.

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