Knowing What Is Greener One-by-one

I found an email from Sierra Club one morning about the reuse of paper bags instead of plastic bags in terms of reducing the carbon footprints; something I was curious about all along while preferring the paper bags and reusing them to the plastic bags.

Contrary to my belief that I was being more environment friendly, according to the information, polypropylene plastic is bio-degradable and widely used, and I must reuse paper bags up to 14 times to match the carbon footprints that this plastic leaves.

Reused paper bags
Reuse paper bags

This is a new knowledge for me.  Now I know that I can choose plastics that are environmentally friendly and right for certain purposes, and that I must reuse paper bags many more times in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

I might even investigate more on carbon footprints of materials that I commonly use to gain accurate knowledge to truly help the environment after this experience.

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